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Best Air Bed for Patients in India

Best Air Bed for Patients in India – Wish to select amongst the Best Air Beds for Patients in India? Read below!

There is none person happier and healthier than a person who enjoys a night of sound sleep. To have healthy sleep, you need to be free from stress and also maintain a correct sleeping posture. Doing so is not only good for your spine but also is beneficial for your overall health. Air beds play an integral role in letting you rest and sleep properly. Also, they help patients suffering from certain medical conditions to recover faster. Moreover, making use of these beds is recommended to patients suffering from extensive injuries. Here we’ll tell you about the Top Air Bed Brands for Patients in India.

List of Best Air Beds For Patients in India

Air beds or medical air mattresses have numerous health benefits for the patients. Also, they comprise of the latest features and facilities that ensure the patients some peaceful hours of sleep. Furthermore, air beds are suitable to be used at both home and healthcare centers. Plus, the air mattresses are reusable and long-lasting. Sleeping on high-quality air beds can prevent several health-related issues like bedsores, ulcers, pressure spots, etc. In this blog, LifeWell presents before you a list of the Leading Medical Air Beds for Patients in Inda.

Need for Air Beds for Patients in India

Before reading about the best air bed brands in India, it’s important to be familiar with their health advantages. Air beds are manufactured while keeping in mind to help the patient maintain a proper sleeping posture. Thus, they make an individual’s movements comfortable. In other words, they enable shifting of the pressure points so that the patients’ body remains in motion. This helps them to avoid problems like bedsores and ulcers. Plus, the air mattresses are made as per the low-air loss technology.

These mattresses have several air holes that allow air to escape easily. Hence, the people resting on them can maintain a healthy straight sleeping posture. Air beds are compact, lightweight, and affordable when compared with the normal heavy mattresses. Most importantly, the air beds look after the patient’s blood circulation while they sleep. They help regulate a proper blood supply and overcome any pressure they feel during their sleeping. On the whole, they promise you healthy sleep and wake up fresh and energetic. So, everyone must look for an air bed that guarantees you a restful and relaxing night’s sleep.

Best Selling Air Beds for Patients in India 2020

Incorrect sleeping posture can give rise to issues like back pain, bedsores, spinal problems, sleep deprivation, etc. For this purpose, you can switch to the air mattresses. Air beds are a perfect solution to all types of sleep posture-related problems. They help you sleep while maintaining a posture as suggested by the health experts. However, choosing the right air bed for you is never an easy task. Thus, Lifewell will help you select the best air bed.

Check out the Top Rated Air Beds for Patients in India listed below:

Dr. Trust Air Mattress Anti Decubitus

This air mattress by Dr. Trust brand comprises of 130 air bubbles. It is a top-class air bed made using heavy-duty medical grade PVC. The bed is water-proof and has amazing antibacterial and fire-resistant properties. Moreover, the mattress weighs only 2.5 kgs and can easily bear weight up to 130 kgs. This anti decubitus air bed comes with an air pump that makes it fit to be used any time anywhere. Plus, the Dr. Trust brand offers a warranty period of 6 months on their product.

Top Air Beds For Patients in India

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Seniority Smart Care Airbed

It is one of the top air bed brands available in India. This air bed is made in compliance with a clinically-proven formula to treat bedsores, pressure spots, and ulcers. Moreover, the mattress is made up of high-quality air bubbles that provide you a long, sound sleep. This air bed is highly in demand by the leading healthcare centers across the country. Also, it provides a quality pressure reduction through continuous movement. The smart care airbed is highly recommended for patients dealing with injuries, back pain, etc.  

Best Air Beds For Patients in India

Scure Anti- Decubitus Air Pump & Bubble Mattress

This anti-decubitis air bed by Scure comprises of a mattress made using high-grade vinyl. It is a waterproof air mattress that comes with a pressure control system. The air bed is lightweight (2.5 kgs), compact, and highly durable. Also, the air mattress comes along with an efficient air pump having a pumping capacity of approx. 4 to 5 liters per minute. The air bubbles in this mattress ensure that you maintain an accurate sleep posture and enjoy sound sleeping hours. And, the company offers 6 months warranty on the product and free replacement in case of any manufacturing defects.

Leading Air Beds Brands For Patients

KosmoCare Anti Decubitus Air Mattress

The Kosmocare anti-decubitus air mattress is made up of top-class non-toxic PVC material. Its portability and lightweight makes it one of the most popular air bed brands in India. The air bed has a highly efficient air pump that inflates and deflates the air bubbles alternately. Plus, the air bed is designed while keeping in mind to keep it vibration-free and energy-efficient. Moreover, the air pump doesn’t create any noise that’ll disturb you during your sleep.

Top Selling Air Beds For Patients in India

Mcp General Air Mattress

This air bed contains 130+ air bubbles that can auto-adjust their free size dimensions as per the patient’s requirements. Also, there is a rhythmic movement of the air pressure across these bubbles after every 10 minutes. Moreover, the air bed has a waterproof, antibacterial, and manageable friction surface. Plus, the mattress comes along with a repair kit to rectify minor errs that may appear in its daily use.

Best Selling Air Beds For Patients in India


In the end, select a product that best satisfies your needs. To buy the best quality air beds for patients in India, you can explore our website. We offer top-notch quality healthcare essentials and testing equipment at the most genuine prices. For more details about the Leading Air Bed Brands in India 2020, contact us now!

Best Air Bed for Patients in India

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