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ECG Electrodes (1000 Units/Pack)



(1000 Units/Pack)

– For Long- And Medium-Term ECG Monitoring
– Designed Using The Finest Quality Material
– Safe Connection Between The Patient And The Electromedical Device
– Compatible With Most Brands Of ECG Cables
– Does Not Pass Electricity Through The Body Of The Patient
– Provides A Total Cardiac Assessment

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What Are ECG Electrodes?
ECG Electrodes are small plastic patches used to check ECG. These patches stick to certain spots on the chest, arms, and legs. The electrodes are then connected to an ECG machine by lead wires. In addition this system helps in tracking, interpreting. After that printing the electrical activity of the heart. In conclusion providing a total cardiac assessment through discrimination in normal ECG and an abnormal ECG.

What Is An ECG?
An ECG is one of the basic physiological tests widely used in clinical examination. Because performing ECG is the primary check during a suspicion of cardiovascular disease.

Importance Of An ECG
ECG diagnosis provides an important basis for subsequent treatment. Thus we must get ECG recordings containing as few artifacts as possible.

ECG Diagnostics
An ECG (electrocardiogram) records the electrical activity of your heart at rest. It also provides information about your heart rate and rhythm. It also shows if there is an enlargement of the heart due to hypertension or evidence of a previous myocardial infarction.

Working Of ECG Electrodes
Despite being in contact with ECG cable connectors, ECG Electrode does not send electricity to the body. Natural electrical impulses coordinate contractions of different parts of the heart. This keeps the blood flowing the way it should.

Importance Of Proper Placement Of ECG Electrodes
A standardized ECG electrode placement allows for the recording of an accurate trace. It also ensures comparability between records taken at different times. Poor electrode placement can result in mistaken interpretation and inaccurate results

Features – ECG Electrodes
ECG Electrode Connector Type: Snap, Grabber
ECG Electrode Size: 50 mm (2”)
Material: Foam
Electrode Shape: Teardrop
Patient Application: Adult
Gel-Type: Solid
ECG Electrodes are compatible with most brands of ECG Cables. In addition it gives an accurate reading.

Quality Assurance From VNG Medical
All the equipment from VNG Medical passes through a quality check. Moreover, we offer a variety of ECG equipment that takes cardio care to another level.

ECG Electrodes (1000 Units/Pack)
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