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Top Breast Pumps in India

Top Breast Pumps in India – Breast Pumps are mechanical devices used by lactating women. It is of great help for the lactating mothers who use it to extract milk from the breasts. Not only this, but a breast pump can also store the milk for feeding the newly borne later on. Being a parent, one always wants to ensure the best for their children. Likewise, it’s good to buy a breast pump manufactured by a renowned manufacturer. So, let’s talk about the Top Breast Pumps in India.

List of Top Breast Pumps in India

There are several variants of breast pumps available in the market. One can select from a wide range of manual and electric breast pumps. This device not only helps the mothers but is highly beneficial for the entire family. It makes it really easier for women to secrete milk out of their breasts. Especially, breast pumps prove to be a boon for the working mothers. They can be used for storing the milk and giving it to the baby during their meal times. Reading below you’ll know more about the Best Breast Pumps in India.

List of the Top Breast Pumps to Buy in India 2020

It’s always challenging to select a healthcare device from the countless options available. Nevertheless, you cannot compromise on the quality of the product you’re buying for your newly borne baby. To help you buy the best breast pump, Lifewell presents before you a list of Top Breast Pump Brands in India 2020:

Medela Harmony Breast Pumps

It is one of the top branded manual breast pumps available in India. The breast pump comes with a single component handle and personal fit breast shield 24mm. Moreover, it has an attached bottle with a storage capacity of 150 ml. The components of this breast pump are a valve head, valve membrane, and a diaphragm stem with O-ring. Furthermore, it is a lightweight device that works on a 2-Phase Expression technology.

If you want to buy this breast pump at the lowest market price, you can choose Lifewell. Ranking amongst the leading online medical stores in India, Lifewell offers a wide range of breast pumps including:

Best Breast Pumps in India
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Trumom Manual Breast Pump

This breast pump by Trumom comes with half stroke and full stroke dual suction modes. The device is designed while keeping in mind all the necessary health and safety standards. It is one of the leading Breast Pumps in India that comprises of a PPSU gold 180ml bottle. Moreover, it has a Colour Changing Temperature Ring that indicates whether the milk’s temperature is ideal for baby or not. Also, the product is FDA approved and made of BPA free material to meet the health & hygiene standards.

Leading Breast Pumps Brands in India

MotherLike Majestic Electric Breast Pump

The Motherlike Majestic breast pump is one of the Best Electric Breast Pumps to Buy in India. This device is famous for its features like dual modes, LED UI, 12+6 gears for better lactation, and smooth milk flow. Besides this, this breast pump has a one-way flow design to avoid any contamination due to milk reflux. Moreover, you can use this device while maintaining an appropriate comfortable posture.

Top Selling Breast Pumps in India

Philips Avent Manual Comfort Breast Pump

This breast pump stands in the list of the top-rated breast pumps in India. Besides being manufactured by a renowned brand, the device has a soft massage cushion. Also, the breast pump has a compact lightweight design. Furthermore, it comprises of a natural nipple for providing the best user experience. Altogether, it is one of the best budget-friendly breast pumps in India.

Syga Manual Breast Pump

Syga’s breast pump is considered to be one of the top affordable manual breast pumps in India. It is a non-toxic, BPA FREE, non-colic, and multiple times tested product for high-quality performance. Moreover, it is a portable breast pump designed especially for traveling and working women. It has dual mode suction levels and is made up of top-notch quality silicone.

Top Known Breast Pump Brands in India


Lastly, you can select any of the leading breast pumps in India mentioned above. Make sure to choose the best and buy the product from a reliable supplier. If you’re looking for one of the best breast pump dealers & suppliers in India, contact Lifewell now!

Top Breast Pumps in India

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