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Top Glucometer Brands in India

Top Glucometer Brands in India – Looking forward to purchasing a glucometer? Read about the Top Glucometer Brands in India below!

Increased blood sugar levels can result in serious life-threatening diseases. This leads to a health situation called Diabetes Mellitus. It is one of the most common health problems and affects nearly 400 million across the globe. Even in India, over 72.96 million people are dealing with diabetes and its associated health issues. Diabetes occurs when blood sugar levels rise higher than normal. Thus, the health experts recommend checking your blood sugar levels regularly. For this reason, you need to purchase a glucometer. Hence, we’ll tell you about the Leading Glucometer Brands in India. 

Top Glucometer Brands in India

A glucometer is a medical instrument that is used to detect the levels of glucose concentration in your blood. It is portable equipment using which you can check your blood sugar levels anytime. Glucometer analyzes your blood by taking a small drop of the same through your fingertip. Glucose levels in humans keep changing regularly. This is why the doctors suggest checking the blood sugar level at a particular timing. You need to check the glucose concentrations in blood before and after having the food. However, you cannot visit a pathology laboratory every time for this. Therefore, making use of a glucometer is a perfect choice! 

What is the Need of a Glucometer? 

There are numerous health advantages of monitoring your blood sugar levels regularly. It helps you figure out the patterns when there is a spike or crash in your glucose levels. Also, you become familiar with your body’s blood sugar levels after exercising or during times of stress. Most importantly, a glucometer assists the health experts to find a perfect medication cure to your health issues. Making use of it, you can check whether the prescribed medicines are helping you or not. 

A glucometer is a device that helps in the treatment of all types of health problems arising due to abnormal blood glucose concentrations. Using it, you can recognize type 1, type 2, gestational diabetes, or the latent autoimmune diabetes in its early stages. Not doing so can result in severe health consequences. Thus, you can say that checking your sugar levels using a glucometer is an effective preventive measure against diabetes.

Best Selling Glucometer Brands in India 2020

A glucometer box must comprise of a lancet, test strips, and the measuring device. It’s challenging to select the right glucometer device from the countless options available online. However, you should buy a glucometer from a renowned manufacturing company. To help you find the best, Lifewell presents before a list of the leading glucometer brands in India.

Check out the Best Glucometers in India listed below: 

Dr. Morepen GlucoOne 

It is one of the best glucose measuring devices available in India. Morepen Laboratories is a reputed pharmaceutical company famous for providing a wide range of medical/surgical instruments. Likewise, their glucometer “GlucoOne BG-03” is known for generating the most accurate and precise reports in a short time. Besides this, the device is made as per the latest technologies and has amazing features.

Not only it provides accurate results quickly but also has large memory capacity (storage capacity up to 300 results). The device comes with a powerful 3V Lithium CR2032 battery. Plus, the box comprises of lancing equipment, glucometer, 10 lancets, and a user manual. Altogether, it’s easy to use and affordable glucometer device good for daily use.

Best Glucometer Brands in India

Cost of Dr. Morepen GlucoOne BG-03 – Rs. 1200

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Accu-Check Active Blood Glucose Meter

This glucose measuring device by Accu-Check is one of the top popular glucometers in India. It is famous for its high storage and memory capacity (can store test reports up to 90 days). Moreover, it’s easy to use and handle instruments with no coding reduced handling steps. This glucometer is manufactured and tested at Roche Diabetes Care.

The device generates precise reports and comprises of 50 test strips. Furthermore, this glucometer has 9 color indicators to clearly show the target range. Also, you can set reminders for taking the pre/post meal samples. One of the best features of this glucometer is that it alerts you in case the test strips have expired or are left underdosed.

Top Glucometer Brands in India

Omron HGM-112 Glucometer

This glucometer device comes with a large LCD screen for checking the test reports. It has an auto on/off feature and a high storage memory capacity. Apart from this, it has an alert system that indicates if the test strips have expired. Moreover, it requires only 1 ml of a blood sample to give you clear and precise reports. Plus, it has a feature in which you can tag the test reports as a pre-meal or post-meal. Thus, it is helpful for the senior citizens and everyone who are looking for a slim, sleek, and an easy to operate glucometer.

Best Selling Glucometers in India

Apollo Sugar Glucome Glucometer

This glucometer has the latest smart features that make it one of the most sold glucometers in India. The glucose measuring device comes with 25 gold plated strips. Moreover, it is a smart digital glucometer using which you can send the reports directly to the health experts or your family members. The device can be used along with the Apollo Sugar app that provides you a 24*7 access to Apollo Sugar experts. However, you don’t need any mobile accessories or the internet for taking the samples. Altogether, it is a multifunctional and portable glucometer that provides error-free reports.

Top Rated Glucometers in india

Dr. Trust Glucometer

It is again one of the top fully automated blood sugar testing glucometers available in India. This glucose measuring device possesses several handy features that make it quite easy to use. Plus, it has smart technologies with auto electrode insertion detection. Besides these, this glucometer has features like temperature warnings, sample loading detection, etc. The glucometer makes use of GDH-FDA strip enzyme technology to give the most accurate reports.

Top Bought Glucometer Brands in India


Thus, you can select any of the Top Glucometer Brands in India mentioned above. Make sure you invest in the best and buy a product that caters to all your expectations. Also, you can select from a wide range of the Best Glucometers in India 2020 at affordable prices only at Lifewell. For any further details, feel free to get in touch with us anytime!

Top Glucometer Brands in India

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