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Top Hand Sanitizer Brands in India

Top Hand Sanitizer Brands in India – Every day your hands come in contact with millions of germs. These germs are present on all the commonly touched surfaces and objects. Electricity switches, doorknobs, water taps, lift buttons, etc are all such places that can be home to infection-causing germs. Moreover, these germs enter into your body mainly through your hands or the respiratory tract. Thus, you need to clean your hands regularly using a quality hand sanitizer. So, here we’ll tell you about the Top Hand Sanitizer Brands in India.

A hand sanitizer is a liquid gel composed of disinfectants that make your hands get rid of all the microbial germs. Once these germs enter your body, they start weakening your immune system. As a result of which, you fall sick and your body loses its infection-fighting ability. For this reason, everyone must maintain proper personal hygiene routine. It is always recommended to clean your hands regularly. Doing so prevents the entry of microbial germs into the body via your hands. However, selecting which hand sanitizer to buy is never easy. Thus, we present before a list of the Best Hand Sanitizer Brands in India 2020.

Have a look at the Leading Hand Sanitizer Brands in India mentioned below:

MOD Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitizer

This hand sanitizer is manufactured by a reputed pharmaceutical company. It contains the power of several disinfectants that destroy all the germs present on your hands. Moreover, it is based on a non-irritating formula and is good for your skin. This hand sanitizer contains 70% alcohol and kills nearly 99.99% of your hand germs. It is an instant hand sanitizer made following a rinse-free and a non-sticky formula. Also, this hand sanitizer is FDA approved. 

Altogether, it’s a great product that helps prevent the spread of infectious health-related problems. Plus, it has a pleasant soothing fragrance and moisturizing properties that make your hands clean and soft. 

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Savlon Hand Sanitizer

Savlon is one of the best hand sanitizer brands in India. The brand deals in the manufacture and supply of top-quality personal hygiene essentials, disinfectants, and cleaning products. Likewise, their hand sanitizer is a perfect combination of Ethanol IP and Isopropyl Alcohol IP. Plus, it is based on a lab-tested formula and kills all types of microbial germs like bacteria, yeast & viruses.

Lifebuoy Hand Sanitizer

Lifebuoy is a renowned healthcare brand in India. The company provides a wide range of personal hygiene products like soaps, disinfectant liquids, handwashes, etc. It contains Vitamin E and various other germ-killing ingredients. Moreover, this hand sanitizer is available in gel form and easy to carry. It comprises of 60% alcohol content that provides you instant germ protection.

Dabur Sanitizer Hand Sanitizer

Dabur ranks amongst India’s most trusted Ayurvedic brands. Likewise, their hand sanitizer is highly effective in destroying the germs present on your hands. It is a rinse-free & non-sticky hand sanitizer suitable for everyone. Furthermore, it is made using 100% pure and herbal ingredients that also boost your skin health. Also, it contains 60% alcohol content that makes it an effective hand sanitizer. Moreover, you can buy this hand sanitizer in three different fragrance variants – Regular, Strawberry, and Lemon.

 Himalaya Pure Hands Hand Sanitizer

It is one of the best alcohol-free sanitizers available in India. This hand sanitizer is manufactured by Himalayan Wellness and comes in different fragrances. It is made up of herbal ingredients and kills 99% of the germs present on your hands surface. Furtherly, the presence of active ingredients like lime, neem, and coriander makes it perfect for regular use.


Therefore, if you want to buy top-notch quality hand sanitizers at the best prices in India, contact Life Well. We are a famous online medical shop where you get all types of branded healthcare products. Moreover, we supply our products all over India and are known for our on-time delivery. So, if you wish to buy or know more about the Top Hand Sanitizer Brands in India 2020, get in touch with us now!

Top Hand Sanitizer Brands in India

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