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Top Pulse Oximeter Brands in India

Top Pulse Oximeter Brands in India – Want to buy a quality pulse oximeter? Find more about the Top Pulse Oximeter Brands in India reading below!

Pulse Oximetry is a non-invasive technique of analyzing an individual’s oxygen saturation. In simpler words, it is a method through which one can check the oxygen saturation present in their red blood cells. To lead a healthy and disease-free lifestyle, you need to check your blood oxygen levels regularly. Doing so can help you detect serious health issues like heart attack, lung cancer, anemia, etc. in their early stages. However, to monitor your oxygen saturation, you need to make use of a pulse oximeter. Thus, we’ll tell you about the Leading Pulse Oximeter Brands in India.

Top Pulse Oximeter Brands in India

A pulse oximeter is a medical equipment that is used to check the amount of oxygen present in your blood. It is one of the widely used healthcare instruments that can be used at home. This blood oxygen measuring device plays an integral role in avoiding any breathing disorders. Moreover, it’s portable equipment you can carry along with you wherever you go. Especially, when you are traveling to hilly areas or places with high altitude levels. Hence, to help you select the best, LifeWell presents to you a list of the Top Pulse Oximeter Brands in India.

What is the use of a Pulse Oximeter?

Pulse Oximeter has numerous health benefits for everyone. Especially, it is commonly used in the case of young infants or people dealing with breathing or heart-related problems. It’s a small, clip-like instrument that helps doctors analyze whether your heart is supplying oxygen to your body properly or not. The device attaches to your body parts like the fingertips, toes, earlobes, etc. You can easily find a pulse oximeter is used at the emergency rooms, hospitals, or when you visit a pulmonologist.

This medical instrument works on the principle of measuring the blood’s light absorption. In other words, it measures the light absorption capabilities of an individual’s blood. Also, it helps you figure out whether the prescribed medications are beneficial for you or not. Checking your blood oxygen levels regularly is an effective preventive measure against several life-threatening health problems. Hence, ensuring that all your body parts receive adequate oxygen supply is a must if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

A Pulse Oximeter checks the blood oxygen saturation that can help avoid problems like:

  • Chronic Pulmonary Diseases
  • Asthma
  • Pneumonia
  • Lung Cancer
  • Anemia
  • Heart Attack/Heart Failure
  • Congenital Heart Defects

Leading Pulse Oximeter Brands in India 2020

There are different types of pulse oximeters available in the market. These include a finger pulse oximeter, handheld oximeter, and a pediatric pulse oximeter. Out of these, the finger pulse oximeter is widely used because of its compactness and accuracy. Moreover, it can generate accurate reports quickly and is affordable when compared with the other oximeter variants. Most importantly, it measures the SpO2 levels acquiring minimal timing. 

Have a look at the Top Selling Pulse Oximeter Brands in India listed here: 

 MightySat® Rx Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

This medical equipment by Masimo is one of the best fingertip pulse oximeters available in India. The device comes with a high-resolution display (rotating & adjustable color screen for real-time display). It is a compact and lightweight oximeter perfect to be used at both home and healthcare centers. Plus, it is easy to wear and provides a high-quality display of the plethysmographic waveform of a patient. Moreover, the oximeter can be used to measure the SpO2 oxygen saturation, pulse rate, PVi, RRp, and perfusion index.

Cost of MightySat® Rx Fingertip Pulse Oximeter – Rs. 29000

Best Pulse Oximeters in India

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Dr. Trust Professional Series Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

This fingertip pulse oximeter by Dr. Trust provides accurate, fast, and reliable measurements. The device is used to measure the blood oxygen saturation level, perfusion index, respiratory & pulse rate, and pulse graph. It is a water-resistant instrument with a multifunctional OLED screen display. The box comprises a finger oximeter, battery, lanyard, and a user manual. Furthermore, the device has an audiovisual alarm that indicates in case the oxygen levels fall below the normal. Plus, it is suitable for everyone including the newly born babies.

Leading Pulse Oximeters in India

Dr. Morepen PO04 Pulse Oximeter 

It is another one of the famous oximeter brands in India. This blood oxygen measuring instrument by Morepen laboratories comes with dual-color LED display. Moreover, the device has 6 display modes and works acquiring low power consumption. It is a lightweight and portable oximeter that comprises of 2 AA batteries. Plus, it has modern features like Bluetooth connectivity and an alarm indicating system. Also, this oximeter contains various features for accurate artery SpO2 and PR detection.

Top Selling Pulse Oximeters in India

AccuSure Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter

This fingertip pulse oximeter by Accusure comes with a four-way direction adjustable display. It is portable, lightweight, and noninvasive medical equipment marketed by Microgene Diagnostics Systems Pvt. Ltd. The device works on the principle of Photoelectric Oxyhaemoglobin Inspection Technology to give correct readings within a few seconds. Furthermore,it is a compact and easy to carry instrument perfect for measuring the SpO2 and pulse rate parameters flawlessly. Also, it has an auto power-off feature.

Best Pulse Oximeters to Buy in India

HealthSense Accu-Beat FP 910 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

This device by HealthSense is a top-class SpO2 Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor. Plus, it comes with a Plethysmograph & PI Four Directional OLED Display. Also, the device contains single-button operational controls, alarm indicators, and auto power-off features. Most importantly, this pulse oximeter is easy to wear, carry and works as per the Optical Detection Technology.

Most Popular Pulse Oximeters Brands in India


In the end, select a product that best meets your expectations. It’s always wise to invest in cost-effective medical equipment that gives precise and accurate readings. Also, you need not have to rush behind the leading brand names. You can search for the genuine online customer reviews of the pulse oximeter or consult your health expert for the same. If you’re looking forward to buying a pulse oximeter, consider LifeWell. We are an online store where you get all types of world-class healthcare instruments at the lowest possible prices. For details, contact us now!

Top Pulse Oximeter Brands in India

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